Shearing Shed For The Best Coloured Hair

So, you’ve just walked out of the hair salon with your new colour sparkling in the sunlight and feeling fit and fabulous. It is a great feeling that unfortunately starts to fade as your hair colour starts to give way to those pesky greys.

Here are some ways to hold onto that colour – and that feeling – for longer.

Salon dyes – A visit to the hairdresser can be an expensive exercise and those store-bought colours can be tempting, but if you can invest in the former. The professionals at hair salons – like the Shearing Shed at Village Fair – are just that and know how to use the best product for your hair.

Sulfate-free shampoo – these will remove the excess oils and impurities without removing your colour. They don’t lather as much as regular shampoos but you will get used to that.

Colour depositing products – colour depositing shampoos and conditioners work well enough and don’t cost the earth. They will help your locks stay vibrant until your next visit to the salon.

Protection – protect your hair with a high SPF conditioner. It will help in the ocean and pool and save your hair from harmful rays too

Cool water – super hot water may feel nice but strips your hair of colour.

Alcohol-free – keep your styling products alcohol free especially if your hair is going to be exposed to bright sunlight as they can cause colour fade.

Healthy hair – healthy hair retains colour better than damaged strands so take time to ensure your hair is nourished from the inside and out.

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