Tips For Caring For Your Pool

Backyard pools are an ideal place to cool off in during the hot weather and can offer up hours of fun and activity for energetic children.

But pools need to be kept clean and germ-free for maximum enjoyment – the last thing you want to see is a green pool on the hottest day of the year.  Liam at Poolwerx in the Village Fair Shopping Centre in Regents Park recommends continued care to keep your pool sparkling.


Exposure to the sun’s ultra-violet rays can break down the chlorine needed to kill the bacteria and an increase of body oils and sunscreen in the water can compound matters. These factors can affect the pH levels of the water, cause a spike in bacteria and a green pool.


The following tips can help you keep your pool in good order:


Remove leaves and debris – This is one of the most basic elements to maintain a clean pool. Remove from the surface and from the bottom of the pool as well. A long-handled pole with a basket or brush at the bottom is your friend here. Make sure to clean after a storm or high winds too.
Check the water level – the optimum water level is  important in maintaining the correct balance of chemicals. It also allows the pump and other equipment to function properly. In hot weather with little rain, your pool may need the occasional top-up. If you find the levels dropping more than usual, contact your pool professional.

Chlorine and pH levels – you need the right balance of chemicals and minerals to keep your pool sparkling. Your Poolwerx store will supply you with a testing kit to assess pH levels. You can add pH increaser or decreaser as needed to fix the imbalance.

Scrub the tiles – algae and bacteria can build up along the water line. Regular scrubbing will prevent this from happening.

Check your pool equipment – even the top market pool pump and electronic cleaner can’t help you if it is not in working order.

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