Freechoice Tobacconist

As well as stocking one of the largest ranges of cigarettes and cigars at the best prices available, Freechoice Tobacconist in Village Fair also has a complete range of speciality items. Choosing to shop at Freechoice means you have access to a selection of products you simply can’t find elsewhere.
Lighters, pipes and a huge assortment of accessories are on offer, with many hard to find items and novelty items. Freechoice Tobacconist is also home to a range of gorgeous giftware such as embossed champagne and wine glasses and fashion sunglasses, all at great prices.
The staff are knowledgeable and helpful, and provide friendly service and advice.
Open six days a week, until 8pm Monday to Thursdays, call in to Freechoice Tobacconist and you’ll see there is a whole lot more on offer than just cigarettes.

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