Carvery an Easy and Healthy Choice

When it comes to good, simple food without all the additives and colourings, you can’t go past Village Carvery. With roasts, rolls, chips, sandwiches, cakes, shakes, coffee and more, there is something for every taste, all at affordable prices.
Customers say they can’t get enough of Village Carvery’s crunchy chips. Getting chips exactly right is no easy task but the Carvery gets it right every time.
Village Carvery owner Sandy Nguyen says the pork rolls and sandwiches are also a huge favourite with customers. And it’s no surprise – a crunchy bread roll, perfectly cooked pork roast, apple sauce, gravy – and of course, the all-important crackling.
Fresh, healthy sandwiches and rolls are also a popular choice.
If you are looking for fast, friendly service and a huge selection of tasty options, you can’t go past Village Carvery.
And if you have a few hours and want to try making your own pork roll, try this recipe. But be warned… it probably won’t be as good as Village Carvery’s.

Village Carvery
Phone: 07 3800 0892

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