EOFY shopping at Village Fair

In just a week or so, we can all file our tax returns. Yay. But it’s not all frantic searching for receipts and scrambling around for group certificates. There is shopping to be done!

If you’re a keen bargain hunter you’ll know as it gets closer to June 30, many retailers and stores have sales to clear as much stock as they can before they have to wrap up their books for the end of the financial period.
It’s one of the few times you can spend without worrying what your accountant will say.
Village Fair Shopping Centre at Regents Park is the perfect place to hit the shops for an EOFY spree.
From Poolwerx to Discounts Galore to Freechoice Tobacconist and a host of other retailers, there is a special to suit every shopper.
And if you have a really clever accountant, you may be able to claim it!
So what are you waiting for?

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