How Regularly Do Kids Really Need To Go To The Dentist?

The team at Dental Aspects Village Fair Regents Park give their expert advice.

The dentist is one of those things we all have to do, but many of us are a little nervous about and it’s understandable your child might be too! Calming their nerves and forming good habits early is crucial to good oral health and a better dental experience throughout life.

But when should you first take them and how often after that? Let us help you out:

Your child’s first visit

In most situations, your child’s first dentist visit should be around the time they celebrate their first birthday. This first visit is about getting the child used to the dentist’s chair and the clinic, as well as educating the parents – you – about how to care for baby’s teeth.

Creating good habits

Oral health is not only important for good health, but also for emotional wellbeing. A great smile can go a long way to helping your child be happy and confident.

Going to the dentist means problems are identified before they become too serious and preventative treatment can be done before there is a serious issue. It also ensures correct oral hygiene at home is emphasised and that good habits are created that last a lifetime.

Regular check-ups are essential for the whole family

After the first visit, unless something needs addressing in the meantime, you can wait until they turn 2 to take them again. Following this, biannual check-ups every 6 months are recommended. This should be something not only your child abides by, but the whole family, with check-ups twice a year recommended for all children and adults.

Your pearly whites shouldn’t be taken for granted – and neither should your children’s! Form good habits early and set them up for a life of grins by taking them to the dentist regularly, encouraging good hygiene and making it an enjoyable experience for all.

If you are looking for dental care for children in Brisbane, consider Dental Aspects. The team offer a friendly and professional approach for the whole family, so call us on (07) 3800 8899 to book an appointment today! Or go to dentalaspects.com.au

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