Healthy swimming tips in time for Summer

The team at Poolwerx Village Fair Regents Park are the experts in healthy, happy swimming for all the family. Here they share some expert advice on staying safe and healthy this summer.

What is RWI?
A recreational water illness (RWI) is an illness caused by germs in the water. The germs are spread by swallowing water, or coming in contact with pool water that has germs in it. One of the best ways to prevent RWI is to avoid swallowing pool or spa water.
Other precautions to prevent yourself or family members from getting sick are as follows:
•Always shower and wash before entering the pool or spa
•Always make sure young children wear a swim nappy
•Never enter a pool if suffering from diarrhea
•Always test pool and spa water for ph and chlorine before swimming
The chlorine used in swimming pools kills most, but not all germs that cause RWIs. Some RWI’s can breed in the most well maintained swimming pools. Some conditions such as cryptosporidium require high levels of chlorine to kill off the parasite. Often super chlorination is required to bring the pool water back to a healthy state.
It’s very important to maintain your backyard pools or spas correctly. Engaging a professional such as Poolwerx who can come to your home and take care of all the maintenance issues is one of the easiest and best ways to ensure pool water quality. If you prefer to take care of things yourself, always take your pool water to a professional pool retail store, such as Poolwerx, for a full spectrum test on a regular basis and at least once a month.
•Always test your pool for ph and chlorine before swimming
•Discourage children from putting their head under water, particularly in hot tubs or spas
•Manage children swimming in proper swim diapers
•Engage a professional pool service technician to maintain your pools on a regular basis, or take your pool water to a pool store at least once a month
To learn more about maintaining a healthy pool, call in and see the team at Poolwerx Village Fair Regents Park.

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