Getting ready for visitors? We can relate.

“There cannot be any sign of LIVING in this house!”

Making life easier with visitors

Having houseguests can make a person crazy. Here are our tips to make your holiday house more harmonious.
1. Be yourself
Your guests aren’t there to see an immaculate house. They are there to see you. So just be yourself. And let them be themselves too.
2. Get a shopping list
Before your guests arrive find out the things they need around the house. A special brand of biscuit that grandma likes with her tea, the frozen nuggets that will keep the toddler happy. Whatever it is, Village Fair Regents Park is sure to have it so stock up before they get there.
3. Get your kitchen ready
Visitors need feeding, but that doesn’t mean you have to turn your home into a restaurant. Set it up so they can truly ‘help themselves’. Consider a big basket in a handy location with small packs of chips, biscuits, fruit and premade snacks. A second fridge with drinks. Guests can take care of their snacks without creating a mess or even needing to be in the kitchen. And make a big batch of bolognaise, or grab some frozen pizzas… a few easy dinner options will make for stress-free dinner times.
4. Make sure there is a variety of spaces
Cramming everyone into the living room can create tension and make things a little awkward, so be sure there are a few different spaces where your houseguests can go. An outdoor reading area or two can be created easily with a beach umbrella and blanket, you could even consider placing TVs or watching devices in bedrooms so guests can escape for a couple of hours.
5. Make good use of the garage
If you have a large garage, consider repurposing it for the holidays. Perhaps it could be a bedroom, a kids play area, a man-cave where the blokes can watch TV. Find a purpose that will make your life easier.

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