How To Choose The Best Fish

Australians love their seafood and Tim’s Seafood at the Village Fair Shopping Centre does a brisk trade in both lunch and evening meals. Customers praise the fresh fish excellent service and a tried and tested menu that offers few surprises.

Fish and chips is always an excellent weekend treat but how do you go about choosing the best quality product if you want to cook fish more regularly during the week

Glossy eyes – it is good to see your fish whole if you can before getting the fishmonger to fillet it for you. Choose a fish with eyes that are glossy and clear. Once the fish gets older the eyes sink in and shrivel away

Fins – the dorsal fins and tail should be intact and healthy looking. Dry, brittle fins show the fish is not fresh

Firm flesh – Touch the fish and make sure it is not sticky. When pressed, the flesh should spring back to its natural shape.

Bright gills – the gills should have a bright reddish colour. Gills turn browner the longer the fish is dead.

Shiny scales – you want shiny, not slimy scales. Less fresh fish will shed their scales as you run your hand over them.

Don’t dally – cook the fish on the day of purchase if possible as that’s when it’s at its freshest

If you are buying fillets of fish, check the colour is bright, the flesh is not breaking apart and the fillet is not sitting in a pool of discoloured water.

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