Logan’s Capital of Curry

The state of Punjab in the northern part of India is rich in culture, traditional arts and crafts, and a heritage of amazing food.

The New Punjab Curry Club in the Village Fair shops at Browns Plains brings a little part of the unique Indian heritage and tradition to the city suburbs of Logan.

JashanSherma, who came to Australia from the Punjab as a student, said he believed a good curry needed to be felt and experienced rather than just tasted.

“A traditional Sindhi curry does not rely on spices, it has flavours and when you eat it you actually feel it,” he said.

“When you sweat it just opens extra sensors.”

“They are amazing and my personal favourites so I want people to try them because if you do you will always come back here for your Indian food.”

Jashan said the restaurant was no curry in a hurry because their food was cooked in the traditional way which meant every dish was cooked fresh.

“In a village in India there is no refrigeration; we cook fresh food three times a day and we bring that philosophy to our kitchen,” he said.

“We might take 20 to 25 minutes to get your order to the table but we have a lot of customers who come back week after week because of the freshness of our food.”

“Cumin, red chilli, fresh green chilli, Lamb, chicken, and seafood; trust me, once you are in you won’t go anywhere else.”

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